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$5.00 Each

Keep A Tight Grip

"In His presence is everything you need. In His presence are the finances you need, the health you need, the peace of mind. There are riches in that glory. There are riches in His presence."

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Satan Deceives The Mind

"I have to follow God in order to protect my mind. You can’t do your own thing and protect your mind. It will not happen. Satan begins to find an inroad there and twist your thoughts."

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Walking In Authority

"We can sit around and wait on God to do something, but if I have authority of my life and I can walk with God and hear from God, then I’m supposed to be doing it. God says, 'Whatever you bind. I’ll bind.'"

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Authority & Ability On Earth

"The Holy Ghost is the power, and when someone speaks in authority, the Holy Ghost comes."

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Christ - Head Of All Things

"When you say Jesus, you’re calling on the One with all authority who’s the head over all things for the benefit of the church."

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The Father's Will

"That’s a successful journey – when I have the fellowship of the Spirit and the Word of God, my soul prospers and I walk in truth."

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Hearing Is Not Enough

"The more you read the Word, the more advantageous it is to you, the more you’ll know what to do and how to do it."

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Healed, Thank You!

"I’m going to work my faith by taking the Word of the living God and saying what God said."

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