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Healing - More Than A Theory

After three decades of teaching the Word of God, Reverend Becky Combee gives a comprehensive study of God’s will to heal the whole man.

In this guide, she includes:

God’s will to heal through Jesus’s death and Resurrection. ~ The redeeming power of the blood of Christ ~ Spiritual truths about Paul’s thorn and Job’s affliction ~ The bridge of faith connecting God’s provision to man’s total restoration ~ The power of confession ~ How to connect with God’s anointing, and so much more!

Reader Reviews:

"I read the book on healing by Becky Combee. It was wonderful. I have read other books on healing. She explained it better in her book. It is just wonderful. I started reading it and didn't stop reading it until I read it all." ~ Frances A. DelaCruz

"I am on my second reading and spending considerable time each morning in it. The book fills in many of the gaps I had in understanding but even more important to me, It introduces me to ideas and thought essential I believe to the great outpouring of the Spirit that is beginning. I know that many will receive greatly in this great outpouring and will be ushered into the kingdom of God. I want to be a messenger in this move of God. This book is timely in the preparation of the church for the outpouring. Many will be healed and many will be filled through it. " And they went out and preached everywhere and the Lord confirmed the word with signs following." ~ Chaplain Rex Henry (Amazon review)

"I have read about and studied healing for over thirty years and have experienced two instant healings from deadly diseases. This book is an excellent resource that addresses widely believed myths about healing. The author brings clarity and understanding of the truth about healing through scripture and simple illustrations. It is well written and easily understood and will benefit the reader whether this is their first book on healing or one of many." (Mary F., Amazon review)

"Becky Combee hits the spiritual nail on the head. She exposes the lie many christians live under, that sickness is a test from our loving Father. Get it, read it. It's totally based on The Word..there's no dispute about that." (Amazon review)